Dirty Heads, SOJA, and friends kick start SOMO’s 2017 summer concert series

Second Octave Entertainment and California Roots partnered up to welcome reggae musicians Dirty Heads, SOJA, The Green, and RDGLDGRN on Tuesday, July 11 as a part of the first show of the SOMO 2017 summer concert series. The sold out show was located at the SOMO Village Event Center where it was filled with delicious food and drinks, interactive vendors, mellow vibes and 3,000 happy fans.

With doors opening at 5:30p.m., the night started with starting act RDGLDGRN (pronounced as RED, GOLD, GREEN) taking the stage. The hip-hop infused punk and reggae trio kickstarted the high energy and upbeat show in a matter of seconds. Their half hour set had fans singing and dancing from up against the barricades to all around the event center.

For those who may have just entered into the venue, the first act is also considered a prime time to beat the long lines and to get started on food and drinks for the night. From Sally Tomatoes serving burgers and fries, the KettleTopia station selling shaved ice and other sweet treats, to Gaia’s Garden serving vegetarian options, the food vendors had it locked down when it came to fulfilling the hunger needs for the fans. For drinks, Sonoma Cider came to sample some of their brew for a few hours which resulted into delighted fans. Let’s not forget the extra busy bars serving people all night long with their drinks on deck. Needless to say, fans were expressing enthusiasm and happiness at this point.

Besides the food vendors, there were also merchant vendors who participated in this event that left an impression for many.

For instance, Master Extractors offered tasters of their Vape pens. Equipped passers who brought along their medical cards and who were interested enough to try it out were given a chance to hit the THC filled Vape pens with a choice of strain of their liking. Personally, with the fun and upbeat vibes from the show had me choosing Sour Diesel, a sativa strain that had me wanting more. Unfortunately, those without their medical cards were not able to participate in any of these activities. Another merchant vendor dear to Second Octave was Sonoma Patient Group where they handed out joints to those who came with their medical card that wanted to sign up to be apart of the dispensaries membership. Show of proof was asked at every vendor booth that offered some type of weed inhalation for the crowd. Alongside them was Grass Valley’s own Scientific Inhalations, where they sold quality hand blown glass pieces. Our vendors love to participate in events such as these as they get to interact and create new bonds with potential customers and fans. Every merchant vendor was very friendly and was more willing to give than to receive–and that’s all about the vibes here at SOMO! Once patrons were done making their round through all of the vendors, they came back to the pit for the music.

Hawaii’s own reggae band The Green followed RDGLDGRN! Fans were able to feel the bass vibrate through their bodies as The Green played their most well-known songs on stage. Patrons were able to feel the positive vibes as The Green set the mood that night. From sitting down on blankets in the grass, to being pushed up against others on the dance floor, reggae lovers were able to enjoy themselves and genuinely have a good time. After The Green finished their set, it was onto the next act.

The full house roared in excitement as grammy-nominated band SOJA made way onto the stage. The band’s blend of reggae, hip-hop, Latin music resulted in hundreds of fans living it up and dancing the night away. Halfway throughout their set, SOJA brought back out The Green to play a song together which ultimately left the crowd begging for more! Not only are SOJA’s songs inspirational driven, but lead singer Jacob Hemphill of SOJA preached to the crowd after their last song to “be kind to one another.” Thanks for showing us a good example of “practice what you preach”.

Jacob Hemphill of SOJA

At this point, the night was at its peak with the sun finally setting down and fans getting shoulder cozy with one another in the pit.

With not a moment to lose, the await for American-reggae band Dirty Heads was no more. Having toured with Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and other well-known bands, Dirty Heads drew a crowd of fans from all ages. The music group brought their incomparable sound to the masses and even brought out a staple move of having fans hold up their lighters during their more mellow songs. The lighters matched the night sky, as if there was a starry night on the dance floor. The headlining band finished the show with their hour long set, throwing their setlists and drumsticks into the crowd, giving fans an even more fun experience than what they paid for.

Overall, the sold out Dirty Heads and SOJA show at the SOMO Village Event Center kickstarted the energy for the rest of the SOMO 2017 concert series. Despite anything to the contrary, it was a great show with all of the participating vendors, live music, and enthused fans.