Charley Peach

Santa Rosa’s heavy effect driven dreamscape rock

Charley Peach from Santa Rosa, California delivers heavy effect driven rock soundscapes lead by a powerful songstress. The young band of accomplished musicians has created a dedicated following with their updated interpretation of American Rock that balances dark realities with optimistic jams, showing a true artistic dedication to their craft . Each performance is an otherworldly dive into sonically epic dynamics and the growing power of the multi-headed beast that is Charley Peach.

Formed in 2012 when lead singer Kaylene Harry’s potent vocal delivery catalyzed the arrangements of Bass/Piano player Justyn Delbridge, the chemistry of the pair elicits a powerfully honest heart for the band to build from. Guitarists Ky Lino and Atreyu Hanohano form an ambidextrous expression of formulated melody and tone while the drums of Nick Carico ground the band’s versatility into this higher dimension.