Dirty Heads, SOJA, and friends kick start SOMO’s 2017 summer concert series

Second Octave Entertainment and California Roots partnered up to welcome reggae musicians Dirty Heads, SOJA, The Green, and RDGLDGRN on Tuesday, July 11 as a part of the first show of the SOMO 2017 summer concert series. The sold out show was located at the SOMO Village Event Center where it was filled with delicious food and drinks, interactive vendors, mellow vibes and 3,000 happy fans.

With doors opening at 5:30p.m., the night started with starting act RDGLDGRN (pronounced as RED, GOLD, GREEN) taking the stage. The hip-hop infused punk and reggae trio kickstarted the high energy and upbeat show in a matter of seconds. Their half hour set had fans singing and dancing from up against the barricades to all around the event center.

For those who may have just entered into the venue, the first act is also considered a prime time to beat the long lines and to get started on food and drinks for the night. From Sally Tomatoes serving burgers and fries, the KettleTopia station selling shaved ice and other sweet treats, to Gaia’s Garden serving vegetarian options, the food vendors had it locked down when it came to fulfilling the hunger needs for the fans. For drinks, Sonoma Cider came to sample some of their brew for a few hours which resulted into delighted fans. Let’s not forget the extra busy bars serving people all night long with their drinks on deck. Needless to say, fans were expressing enthusiasm and happiness at this point.

Besides the food vendors, there were also merchant vendors who participated in this event that left an impression for many.

For instance, Master Extractors offered tasters of their Vape pens. Equipped passers who brought along their medical cards and who were interested enough to try it out were given a chance to hit the THC filled Vape pens with a choice of strain of their liking. Personally, with the fun and upbeat vibes from the show had me choosing Sour Diesel, a sativa strain that had me wanting more. Unfortunately, those without their medical cards were not able to participate in any of these activities. Another merchant vendor dear to Second Octave was Sonoma Patient Group where they handed out joints to those who came with their medical card that wanted to sign up to be apart of the dispensaries membership. Show of proof was asked at every vendor booth that offered some type of weed inhalation for the crowd. Alongside them was Grass Valley’s own Scientific Inhalations, where they sold quality hand blown glass pieces. Our vendors love to participate in events such as these as they get to interact and create new bonds with potential customers and fans. Every merchant vendor was very friendly and was more willing to give than to receive–and that’s all about the vibes here at SOMO! Once patrons were done making their round through all of the vendors, they came back to the pit for the music.

Hawaii’s own reggae band The Green followed RDGLDGRN! Fans were able to feel the bass vibrate through their bodies as The Green played their most well-known songs on stage. Patrons were able to feel the positive vibes as The Green set the mood that night. From sitting down on blankets in the grass, to being pushed up against others on the dance floor, reggae lovers were able to enjoy themselves and genuinely have a good time. After The Green finished their set, it was onto the next act.

The full house roared in excitement as grammy-nominated band SOJA made way onto the stage. The band’s blend of reggae, hip-hop, Latin music resulted in hundreds of fans living it up and dancing the night away. Halfway throughout their set, SOJA brought back out The Green to play a song together which ultimately left the crowd begging for more! Not only are SOJA’s songs inspirational driven, but lead singer Jacob Hemphill of SOJA preached to the crowd after their last song to “be kind to one another.” Thanks for showing us a good example of “practice what you preach”.

Jacob Hemphill of SOJA

At this point, the night was at its peak with the sun finally setting down and fans getting shoulder cozy with one another in the pit.

With not a moment to lose, the await for American-reggae band Dirty Heads was no more. Having toured with Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and other well-known bands, Dirty Heads drew a crowd of fans from all ages. The music group brought their incomparable sound to the masses and even brought out a staple move of having fans hold up their lighters during their more mellow songs. The lighters matched the night sky, as if there was a starry night on the dance floor. The headlining band finished the show with their hour long set, throwing their setlists and drumsticks into the crowd, giving fans an even more fun experience than what they paid for.

Overall, the sold out Dirty Heads and SOJA show at the SOMO Village Event Center kickstarted the energy for the rest of the SOMO 2017 concert series. Despite anything to the contrary, it was a great show with all of the participating vendors, live music, and enthused fans.

Railroad Square Music Festival – another successful year

On June 11, Railroad Square Music Festival continued with its third annual festival

Attracting over 5,000 people from all over Sonoma County. This fun and free event is open to all ages and allows people to venture around Historic Railroad Square where they can discover new music, connect with vendors and local businesses, check out artwork, and even grab a beer or two.

The festival featured 17 bands on seven stages

the band was not 10 minutes into their set before they were accompanied by some light rain and even hail!

My personal favorite was watching Earles of Newtown perform. A powerhouse Americana band from Nevada City, Earles of Newtown brought the party with their uplifting and energetic music. Taking into account of the weather, the band was not 10 minutes into their set before they were accompanied by some light rain and even hail! However, the on and off rain did not stop fans—including myself—from having a superb time. The party kept on and everybody enjoyed themselves as they danced in the rain together.

Although the weather may not have been on production’s side that day, Earles of Newtown, along with all of the other acts, did a wonderful job performing with the bipolar weather. Hometown Hero, David Luning, headlined this year’s RSMF alongside tone master John Courage. The back to back performances were a gift to many, as fans enjoyed the live entertainment from their favorite local rock stars.

Weather can’t dampen this party, photo by Philip Pavliger

A feast for the eyes

While adventuring around, I came across a street artist Erik Burke who was spray painting a mural. It did not take long for a crowd to start forming as he demonstrated his painting skills alongside paintings and drawings by many other talented artists. Ehler’s Society, a community organization of artists, filmmakers, photographers, and musicians, contributed the various handpainted signs and artistic installations. Every mural and painting was satisfying to the eye, leaving the festival looking like a piece of artwork itself.

In addition to admiring the displayed art, next to Burke’s set-up was a table where kids can sit down to color a picture and release the inner artist in them as well.

Let’s also not forget the different types of booths that businesses had out there

This is a great way for businesses to network with locals and get involved within the community. A great example would be The Last Record Store teaming up with KRCB North Bay Public Media. Their tents were side by side each other which stirred a lot of traffic as there was a lot of self-promoting to do. By working together, patrons were able to drive sales for The Last Record Store while being informed from KRCB about North Bay news and all of the other things related to the public media.

David Luning headlining RSMF, photo by Philip Pavliger

They don’t say “third time’s a charm” for nothing

Overall, Railroad Square Music Festival had a huge attendance which as a result, led it to being a real victory for us.

With the profound love for concerts and festivals growing rapidly everyday, there is still so much to learn and to incorporate in future shows. Fortunately with the great turn out, Railroad Square Music Festival has a lot of potential to grow and fulfill every aspect of what a music festival should be.


The 2017 Railroad Square Music Festival was off the chain! HUGE congrats and thanks to the incomparable Josh Windmiller, Second Octave and the entire Downtown Santa Rosa team for throwing an incredible event that makes us proud to call this town our home! While we didn’t shoot a ton, we did enough to create a RSMF SUPERCUT! #HailYes

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Topping the Charts

Sonoma County Grammy Winning Music Management Tops Jazz Charts

And we are beaming

“So, like, what is it that you do with musicians?”

It’s a common question we get, and there’s not a simple answer

Second Octave is a booking, talent management, and music marketing agency. Which means for any given artist we work with, we might manage their careers, book their shows, manage their social media and web presence, help them design tour materials, connect them with merchandisers, and any combination thereof.

We love handlin’ the business side of things so musicians can focus on doing what they do best, writing music, practicing their craft, touring, connecting with their fans, getting out there and showing the world how awesome they are, really.

This alignment of interests is the connective tissue between us and the musicians we work with. We celebrate their victories and we suffer their defeats.

And then something incredible happens

Two of your grammy-winning management clients get incredible victories

Eliane Elias’ Dance of Time tops the Jazz Album & World Album Billboard charts one week… 

Then George Winston’s Spring Carousel tops the Jazz Album Billboard chart the next week.

Excerpt from the press release

If you want to get to know these incredibly talented individuals

Folk pianist George Winston reminds music fans on his 14th solo piano album, Spring Carousel, that only one voice is required to be wholeheartedly inspiring. Released on RCA Records on March 31, 2017, Spring Carousel features a collection of 15 solo piano compositions written by Winston while in recovery from a bone marrow transplant for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) at City of Hope, in Duarte, California. 100% of the proceeds from sales of Spring Carousel directly benefit City of Hope. George has made a full recovery and lives primarily on the road performing in many of America’s renowned concert halls and venues. Without the incredible help of City of Hope, Spring Carousel would simply not have been possible.

“A true original with an inimitable style…”

Classical MPR (Minnesota Public Radio)

“…a master of both tone and invention.”

Austin American Statesman

For more on George Winston and his forthcoming tour dates, please visit: georgewinston.com


Dance of Time, the latest album from GRAMMY winner Eliane Elias has debuted at number one on Billboard’s Traditional Jazz and World Music charts. Recorded in Brazil and New York City, and released by Concord Jazz on March 24, Dance of Time also debuted at number one on the iTunes Jazz Album Chart upon its release and has received across-the- board critical acclaim. Dance of Time, like it’s 2015 GRAMMY winning predecessor, Made in Brazil, has shown the strength and continuing success of Elias as a pianist, singer, composer and arranger.

“…romantic Brazilian jazz, blending the rhythms and harmonies of samba, straight- ahead jazz and smoother fare.”

The New York Times

“Dance of Time is inspired, deftly musical, and truly accessible to a wide range of listeners from jazz to pop to Brazilian music. It’s virtually flawless.”

All Music

For more on Eliane Elias and her forthcoming tour dates, please visit: ElianeElias.com

Meet the Team

Morty Wiggins

Chief Executive Officer

the former VP of Bill Graham Presents, general manager of A&M Records and President of 33rd Street Records / Bayside Distribution ( owned by Tower Records) is now the CEO of Second Octave. Morty’s career has spanned 40 years in artist management (including gold and platinum selling artists the Neville Brothers, Gin Blossoms, Aaron Neville, Monster Magnet, Sheryl Crow and others), concert promotion (Amnesty International tour, City of Hope benefit, SOMO Concerts and more), and major record company management.

Steve Senk

Chief Financial Officer

former Live Nation Vice President of Licensing, began his music career as National Sales Manager for Sony Signatures. After moving to London from San Francisco to manage the sponsorship program for the 1998 World Cup in Paris for Sony Steve secured World Wide agency representation and North American Licensing rights from Apple Corp and The Beatles. Steve grew, nurtured, and managed The Beatles licensing programs as well as programs for KISS, Barbra Streisand and many others before joining SOMO Concerts as a partner.

Adrianna Roome

Artist Management

brings more than 20 years of production management experience in broadcast and live production; special events; public relations; cable TV startups from design and buildout to operations; and marketing to the Second Octave management team. She was instrumental in launching 4 cable TV networks, and was the first woman to own and operate an independent news gathering network on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Isabelle Garson

Assistant Marketing Director

Sonoma County native Isabelle Garson is a media producer, social media thought leader and Assistant Marketing Director for SOMO Concerts and Second Octave. She has worked in the start up tech world, consumable entertainment industry, with prominent local promoters and event organizers as a consultant, strategist and content marketer.  With an eye towards the rapidly developing future of the digital age she specializes in social media strategy, photography, videography, podcast production and graphic design. She loves common sense, expression, encouragement and the ocean.

Bryce Dow-Williamson

Marketing Director

is the Marketing Director for Second Octave and SOMO Concerts. He previously worked with the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, and actively serves Chimera Arts & Maker Space as a board member. Bryce cut his teeth at a DIY venue in Santa Rosa called the Boogie Room and Gardens and comes from a background of poetry, loud local shows, an Associate’s degree from the Santa Rosa Junior College and a bachelor’s in Sustainable Business from Warren Wilson College.

Josh Windmiller

Production Director

is the Production Director at Second Octave. A unique of mixture of community organizer and vaudevillian carnival barker, Josh is known throughout the North Bay for pushing the music scene to new heights with projects like the Railroad Square Music Festival, Rivertown Revival, and music-centered non-profit The North Bay Hootenanny. He was raised in Santa Rosa and is an alumni of Sonoma State University. This Sonoma County creature is also the frontman of Santa Rosa’s folk punk band The Crux.

Steve Gardner


Steve Gardner is a career musician who teaches, performs and is an Agent at Second Octave. He studied classical music but is really more into Irish Fiddle tunes, Blues and Gypsy Jazz. He can be found riding horses, fly fishing, hanging out with his dog and his family and onstage playing the fiddle.

Richard Powell

Art Director

an artist and technologist specializing in visual design dedicated to helping organizations define their visual brand and web presence. With a complementary background in IT and network deployment, he thrives in the intersection between art and technology.

Review: The Sam Chase & the Untraditional – I’ve Got Problems

The Sam Chase & the Untraditional dropped their new music video and I’m here trying to work.

Thanks guys, I already have enough trouble with interestingly shaped clouds. Now you give me a visual of Sam, all of the visage of the bust of a roman emperor, being splattered with spaghetti, red wine and some miscellaneous charcuterie.

“I have no arms and I must drink whiskey.”

“I’ve Got Problems” opens with a scene familiar to anybody who has been alive since the 1500s. The band, clothed in white and draped in crimson chaos, is posing in the style of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. A painting that always reminds me of the time my art professor recanted his tale of first seeing the pre-restoration Last Supper while simultaneously having an acid flashback, culminating in him having a nervous breakdown.

This scene holds for a moment, then begins to… reravel. Playing out an epic food fight in reverse. The multitude of decorative and gastronomical carnage begins to reassert their proper origins at the dinner table, band-mates grin and wince as rogue hot-dogs fly whipping in circles amidst floating clouds of spaghetti and aggressively poured wine.

Now, where I grew up, you don’t exactly talk about religious iconography and art history

(that’s a paddlin’)

It just ain’t polite conversation. Yet The Sam Chase proves again they are no stranger to taboo subjects, boldly stepping into a visual political discourse when they dropped the video for “The Great White Noise” (the title track of the same album) in October.

The latest video marks a continuation of what’s rapidly becoming the trademark visual style for The Sam Chase & the Untraditional. Something I would liken to a casually marred minimal aesthetic. Clean, simple, almost traditional, draped with elements to suggest a palimpsest of grime, stains of mustard and ketchup, fish-sauce and whiskey.

The videos are very well produced, their latest ones clog the internet tubes with 4K resolution. They are, in my opinion, some of the most underappreciated music videos to come out of the Bay Area. I’m imagining Sam at a camera store, cowering the clerk with his signature glower until he gets all the damn pixels he damn well needs for his foodfight.

Their music and their music videos complement one another

They fit together so well that it helps me sleep at night.

They got a good vibe man. It’s like finally admitting all of your defeats to a weathered alcoholic while your cathartic tears bead upon an oaken bar. At the moment when his words begin to cascade deep into the infinite prism of your soul, at the very moment of the climax of ephiphany when you aknowledge all at once what you’ve known all long, that same wise old drunk throws up on your shoes.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, then you must. This instant.

I’ve had the good luck to see a live performance

and hopefully you will too

If you want to see Sam’s solo performance, then check out…

To see Sam Chase and the Untraditional then you just gotta be at…

FRI 3 MARCH – Doc’s Lab – San Francisco, CA, US
FRI 10 MARCH – Squaw Valley – Olympic Valley, CA, US
SAT 11 MARCH – Crazy Horse Saloon – Nevada City, CA, US
SUN 12 MARCH – Sam Bond’s Garage – Eugene, OR, US
MON 13 MARCH – Volcanic Theater Pub – Bend, OR, US
FRI 24 MARCH – The Chapel – San Francisco, CA, US
SAT 25 MARCH – Hopmonk Tavern – Sebastopol, CA, US

At the last show I attended, I got to sing along to their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”, albeit ironically, since I wasn’t actually born in the USA, and no, you don’t get to see my birth certificate.

Nerds: The Gaff Tape of Festivals

You have to be kind of crazy to have a career in live entertainment.

Working double time, 3 or 4 days in a row. High voltage, high stress, big egos, big money, constant changes… it’s not for the sane and I ended up here pretty much by accident.

I started in Audio/Video club for 4 years in high school. Filming town meetings, documentaries for the city, skate videos for my friends, and other nerdy bored nonsense. I learned to shoot and edit, wire up systems, and get out of class to work on projects. I kind of forgot about those years, until I found myself back in it, working tech in event production, behind the scenes, surrounded by nerds.

There are so many moving parts that the more you know, the more useful you are.

I’m a vocalist, and my first band broke up in 2008. I needed to stay busy, so I started volunteering and interning, smartest thing I did for my career. Street promoting, radio promoting, selling merch… anything I could to stay active and get into shows for free. Through the friends I made, it eventually turned into stage managing, where my years around equipment came in really handy and I got sucked into the audio world. I currently work for Diversified Stage in Santa Rosa, specializing in lighting, audio, video, and staging. Our equipment and wiring is in almost every major music venue in Sonoma County.

Versatility is integral in event production.

There are so many moving parts that the more you know, the more useful you are. When I moved to Sonoma County from New England in 2012, I found that there are jobs here in the entertainment industry if you’re able to adapt and work hard.

Back home In Albany, NY in 2011, half the downtown shops were empty and boarded up. I couldn’t get a job making pizza. But here, on the edge of San Francisco, the economy is healthy, and demand for entertainment is high.

Producing shows is not easy

It’s risky and stressful. Always a gamble even if you’re established. For the first few years a promoter or venue can expect to lose a sizeable chunk of money or break even, if they’re lucky. Every part of this industry is made up of people, and people can be really unpredictable. The need for qualified, solution oriented, team minded, motivated people cannot be understated.

…when done right it’s like magic.

In a smaller community like Sonoma County, word travels fast, and over time people’s real intentions surface. I have three rules that apply to everyone who is employed or seeks employment in the performance industries. One: don’t be a Diva cuz no one person is the most important, without the cooperation of the entire team, all preparation will fall apart; and Two: If you say you will do something – DO IT – or find someone else to cover, cuz everyone is counting on you. And three; communicate. Answer emails, phone calls, and texts. Manage your calendar, and if you can’t stay on top of things, revisit your plans.

From an audience perspective, you would never know the amount of work that goes into some of these shows. It’s absurd sometimes, There must be some kind of masochism we all have in common. Bring an idea to life, even if it means working absurdly long days and being the first and last people on site. Golf carts, rental cars, networking, concert tickets and free travel are a bonus. This career is definitely not for the weak willed. The live entertainment environment has a unique offering of ominous disasters, but when done right it’s like magic. From backstage, it’s a machine of comradery, knowing that only team-work can bring the show to life.

Tech plays a critical role in nearly every aspect of this industry

It has become a necessary tool for sharing ideas and bringing people together all over the world. It allows people to reach huge audiences. For every wide eyed teenager seeing their favorite band for the first time, there’s ten nerds sitting behind cameras, sound boards and computers, making their dreams come true. From office, to planes, stages and semi’s… art, music, dance, theater, sports, politics…It seems like everyone plays a role in this industry. Or maybe it’s that in every industry, there is a place for us nerds, running things behind the scenes. Banded together by some weird compulsion to make magic happen.

How is Second Octave Sustainable?

This year has been monumental for our company.

Second Octave has seen a beautiful growth from possibility into reality. After warming up with a variety of local cd releases, serving up The Next Level Showcase & Conference as well as growing The Railroad Square Music Festival, we then progressed into our SOMO Concerts season with an intention of “promoting community and fun in the North Bay through festival style shows in a safe environment that supports local creativity, collaboration and commerce”. Second Octave is pursuing sustainable business in an incredibly difficult sector within an early market area, which does not have an illustrious past for successful venues or music promotion companies, but we see it as “ripe and ready for more”. There is possibility in these hills and hearts, and we want to water that hope while caring for it with the hardened hands of those who have walked the rough road of creativity in the North Bay.

When I say sustainable I am referring to a focus on environmental, social and economic factors.

Second Octave is environmentally conscious through our highly solar powered venue, focus on green technologies, progression into better water usage and trash/recycling/compost practices. We focus on social/community value by collaborating with small and locally owned businesses that source within Sonoma County, giving stage and audience to rising performing and visual artists while working tirelessly to shine a light on the vivacious- but shy- creative culture that fills and surrounds our area. In terms of economics, our bosses have provided new business to the area with the talent agency and venue, they have experimented with a rare-for-Sonoma-County idea of hiring young professionals who are all born and raised here such as myself, Josh, Isabelle and Richard.

This is an expanded version of our mission of “Music. Community. Experience.” We strive to support music by connecting it with the surrounding community and bringing years of local and international entertainment work to provide the experiences that stick to your memory.

Second Octave launches SOMO Concerts 3rd season.

The Team

  • Lee – Band Leader
  • Morty – Yogi
  • Steve – Ops Cop
  • Adrianna – Cat Herder
  • Josh – Pied Piper
  • Bryce – Market Master
  • Isabelle – Media Maven
  • Richard – Graphics Guru
  • Tom – Bookie
  • Alex – All Around

We hit a high note in February

With our management client Eliane Elias winning a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album. Speaking of albums Royal Jelly Jive finished recording theirs at Prairie Sun Studios and held a listening party at the recording studio. Kudos to RJJ as well on playing BottleRock this May.

Early activates before our Somo Concert Series have included an El Radio Fantastique show at The Mystic & an upcoming Frankie Boots & The Sam Chase (album release show) @ The Phoenix in Petaluma May 14. We were also proud to have produced the 2-day showcase for the Next Level Conference in conjunction with Creative Sonoma and our own Josh Windmiller’s Northbay Hootenanny! Another NB Hootenanny is the upcoming Railroad Square Music Festival in Santa Rosa on June 5th, and the music of Petaluma’s The Rivertown Revival July 16. Additionally we launched our merchandise service arm designing and providing merchandise services for Yanni’s 2016 tour!

Here is our 2016 Somo Concerts lineup!

This year’s festivities kick off with the Seva Foundation’s 80th birthday bash benefit for the legendary Wavy Gravy on May 22nd with two stages of music featuring progressive blue grassers Yonder Mountain String Band, three-time Grammy winner Steve Earl, San Francisco psychedelic rockers New Riders of the Purple Sage, Dead Winter Carpenters, John Popper of Blues Traveller, electric, acoustic, lap and pedal steel “guitar monk” Steve Kimock and local heartthrobs The T-Sisters. Tickets are on sale now at www.seva.org/

The young soul singer Allen Stone will play the SOMO Event Center June 30th with support from San Francisco’s psychedelic soul band, The Monophonics. Tickets are on sale now at www.somoconcerts.com. Stone proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all pop convention. Like many of his own musical heroes- Stevie Wonder chief among them- Stone pulls off the near-magical feat of channeling a weight of the-world sensitivity into his songs while still radiating hope and promise. Stone has been featured on the Ellen Degeneres show, the Conan O’Brien show and was VH1’s first “You Oughta Know” artist of 2013.

July 10th brings the World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Show: Brit Floyd (as seen on PBS) with a spectacular new million dollar light show, state of the art video design and an even bigger stage production, Space and Time CONTINUUM promises to be the most ambitious and best Brit Floyd show yet. Powerhouse alternative rock vocalist Grace Potter brings her solo debut, Midnight, July 22nd, an inspired work that is surprising, revelatory and wildly original. Reggae fans will be delighted to hear that UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue will be joined by the legendary Wailers on July 27th.

August brings Rock torchbearers Gov’t Mule

Celebrating their 20-year anniversary with an extensive tour and a series of dynamic live archival releases that highlight the group’s versatility and epic, fearless live performances. They will be accompanied by one of the most acclaimed, respected and successful southern rock bands of the 21st century, Blackberry Smoke, on the 31st.

September starts with an epic 80’s New Wave/Pop/Rock show “Lost 80’s Live”

Featuring Cutting Crew, Flock of Seagulls, Wang Chung, Berlin, Tommy Tutone, Nu Shooz, Dramarama, Annabella of Bow Wow Wow on the 2nd and continues with this year’s Earle Fest benefitting the Earle Baum Center on the 17th, three-time Grammy winner Lucinda Williams shares a killer bill with The Mavericks, The Paladins and acclaimed local opener Girls + Boys.

Watch for announcements regarding our sponsors and additional shows!

Stay Green

Second Octave Entertainment: secondoctave.com

SOMO Concerts: somoconcerts.com

SOMO Village: www.somoliving.com