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Sonoma County Grammy Winning Music Management Tops Jazz Charts

And we are beaming

“So, like, what is it that you do with musicians?”

It’s a common question we get, and there’s not a simple answer

Second Octave is a booking, talent management, and music marketing agency. Which means for any given artist we work with, we might manage their careers, book their shows, manage their social media and web presence, help them design tour materials, connect them with merchandisers, and any combination thereof.

We love handlin’ the business side of things so musicians can focus on doing what they do best, writing music, practicing their craft, touring, connecting with their fans, getting out there and showing the world how awesome they are, really.

This alignment of interests is the connective tissue between us and the musicians we work with. We celebrate their victories and we suffer their defeats.

And then something incredible happens

Two of your grammy-winning management clients get incredible victories

Eliane Elias’ Dance of Time tops the Jazz Album & World Album Billboard charts one week… 

Then George Winston’s Spring Carousel tops the Jazz Album Billboard chart the next week.

Excerpt from the press release

If you want to get to know these incredibly talented individuals

Folk pianist George Winston reminds music fans on his 14th solo piano album, Spring Carousel, that only one voice is required to be wholeheartedly inspiring. Released on RCA Records on March 31, 2017, Spring Carousel features a collection of 15 solo piano compositions written by Winston while in recovery from a bone marrow transplant for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) at City of Hope, in Duarte, California. 100% of the proceeds from sales of Spring Carousel directly benefit City of Hope. George has made a full recovery and lives primarily on the road performing in many of America’s renowned concert halls and venues. Without the incredible help of City of Hope, Spring Carousel would simply not have been possible.

“A true original with an inimitable style…”

Classical MPR (Minnesota Public Radio)

“…a master of both tone and invention.”

Austin American Statesman

For more on George Winston and his forthcoming tour dates, please visit:


Dance of Time, the latest album from GRAMMY winner Eliane Elias has debuted at number one on Billboard’s Traditional Jazz and World Music charts. Recorded in Brazil and New York City, and released by Concord Jazz on March 24, Dance of Time also debuted at number one on the iTunes Jazz Album Chart upon its release and has received across-the- board critical acclaim. Dance of Time, like it’s 2015 GRAMMY winning predecessor, Made in Brazil, has shown the strength and continuing success of Elias as a pianist, singer, composer and arranger.

“…romantic Brazilian jazz, blending the rhythms and harmonies of samba, straight- ahead jazz and smoother fare.”

The New York Times

“Dance of Time is inspired, deftly musical, and truly accessible to a wide range of listeners from jazz to pop to Brazilian music. It’s virtually flawless.”

All Music

For more on Eliane Elias and her forthcoming tour dates, please visit:

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