How is Second Octave Sustainable?

This year has been monumental for our company.

Second Octave has seen a beautiful growth from possibility into reality. After warming up with a variety of local cd releases, serving up The Next Level Showcase & Conference as well as growing The Railroad Square Music Festival, we then progressed into our SOMO Concerts season with an intention of “promoting community and fun in the North Bay through festival style shows in a safe environment that supports local creativity, collaboration and commerce”. Second Octave is pursuing sustainable business in an incredibly difficult sector within an early market area, which does not have an illustrious past for successful venues or music promotion companies, but we see it as “ripe and ready for more”. There is possibility in these hills and hearts, and we want to water that hope while caring for it with the hardened hands of those who have walked the rough road of creativity in the North Bay.

When I say sustainable I am referring to a focus on environmental, social and economic factors.

Second Octave is environmentally conscious through our highly solar powered venue, focus on green technologies, progression into better water usage and trash/recycling/compost practices. We focus on social/community value by collaborating with small and locally owned businesses that source within Sonoma County, giving stage and audience to rising performing and visual artists while working tirelessly to shine a light on the vivacious- but shy- creative culture that fills and surrounds our area. In terms of economics, our bosses have provided new business to the area with the talent agency and venue, they have experimented with a rare-for-Sonoma-County idea of hiring young professionals who are all born and raised here such as myself, Josh, Isabelle and Richard.

This is an expanded version of our mission of “Music. Community. Experience.” We strive to support music by connecting it with the surrounding community and bringing years of local and international entertainment work to provide the experiences that stick to your memory.

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