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Norbay Awards

Sol Horizon and The Railroad Square Music Festival win the Norbay 2018 awards.

See all the awardees here.


A blend of modern marketing techniques and old-school wisdom, creative consulting to authentically grow the silhouette of your brand.


Direct audience engagement for your online presence. We’ll get people not just looking, but talking about what you’re doing.


Comprehensive digital campaigns that build momentum. Strategize how to explode onto the scene.


Learn the recipe and achieve sustainable growth. Don’t just survive, thrive using new tools in the digital landscape.

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At Second Octave Media, we amplify relevant, authentic, and entertaining marketing strategies to promote dynamic events and causes we believe in. Our team is experienced in utilizing new media technologies, coinciding with time-honored reliability and direct communication. We’re passionate about bringing professionalism to creatives, and creativity to professionals, for quality representation between multiple realms of advertisement and PR. When you work with us, you receive expertise from multiple sides of the industry– from content creation to advertising management, brand development, and production.

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